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University of Melbourne Survey

Researchers from the University of Melbourne, Australia would like to talk to you about your experiences with CFS/ME. We are interested in learning about what your life is like with CFS, how you manage, and how you understand CFS.

This study involves participating in a confidential interview (in your own home if desired) for approximately 20 minutes* and completing a short questionnaire.

For further information, please contact David Evans from the Centre for the Study of Health and Society.

David can be contacted by email at: or by telephone on 0408 313 743.

*Please note: The interview could be stressful, 60 minutes duration. If you are interested, we suggest you obtain the information on the survey before making up your mind to participate.

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Researcher tracing CFIDS - Blood Transfusion connection

Many thanks to the small number of people who replied to my request for histories of blood contact-acquired CFS/ME - too small to create a research database. Since I made the request, a Belgium research study of over 1000 CFS/ME patients has found that around 6% traced their CFS/ME to a blood transfusion. The study does not appear to have classified other types of blood contact. This is strong evidence of a CFS/ME blood-borne infection in these 6% of patients and suggestive of the possibility of the same infection in all CFS/ME patients. The UK Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) has published a report on UK blood transfusion-acquired infections over the past 7 years and most of these are bacterial. And nearly all of these bacterial infections are coagulase-negative staphylococcus species. For a summary see here: Serious hazards of transfusion (SHOT): report for 1999-2000

Dr Jed Gallagher BSc MSc England

see: Co-Cure:

or Help ME Circle:


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I am a CFS - EBV sufferer who is relaying some of his experiences and opinions.
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Due to the nature of my illness, I am unable to work for a regular employer in my former occupation as a journalist, and have started this Website, it's mirror sites and others, as an information resource and business. 
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