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Chronic Fatigue / Immune Dysfunction Syndrome

Frequently misdiagnosed as depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or CFIDS) is actually a biologically based illness with no known cure.
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Cfids)
Running on Empty:
The Complete Guide to
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Cfids)
by Katrina Berne Phd
Hardcover (1995)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Cfids)

An updated guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome draws on current medical research, patient interviews, and alternative health sources to provide a detailed study of the history and possible causes of, and effective treatments for, the disease.

Fatigue Syndrome (Cfids)

Disability and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
Clinical, Legal and Patient Perspectives
by Nancy Klimas, Roberto Patarca
Hardcover (1997)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Cfids)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Cfids)

50 Things You Should Know About the
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
by Neenyah Ostrom
Paperback (1993)

A look at chronic fatigue syndrome discusses its causes, its symptoms, if it is contagious, its relationship to AIDS, its relationship to cancer, its effect on children, what the government is doing about it, and more.
In the first book to give all the facts on the worst medical crisis of our time -- which has already stricken 12 million Americans -- the author of What Really Killed Gilda Radner?   Probes the facts and answers questions about the misunderstood syndrome called the Yuppie Flu, Epstein-Barr Syndrome -- and "AIDS minor."

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
A Comprehensive Guide to Symptoms, Treatments,
and Solving the Practical Problems of CFS
by Gregg Fisher, Paul Cheney
Paperback (1997)

In this enlightening and compassionate guide, one of the foremost specialists in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome--himself a ten-year survivor of the disease -- helps victims and their loved ones regain control of their lives.   This updated edition includes new information about current medical treatments, related disorders, and strategies for living with the CFS.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Curing Fatigue:
A Step-By-Step Plan to Uncover and
Eliminate the Causes of Chronic Fatigue
by David Bell Phd, Stef Donev
Paperback (1996)

An easy-to-use reference guide explains how to replace fatigue with energy and lists the basic and hidden causes of fatigue while outlining the Fatigue Fighter's Diet and a thirty-day high-energy program.
A fatigue specialist shows how to identify the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, examines its causes and effects, and provides a special diet and exercise program designed to promote high energy.
Curing Fatigue is the essential guide to replacing fatigue with energy. In one easy-to-use reference guide, readers will learn how to fight the six basic causes of fatigue, like illness and stress, as well as 25 hidden causes of fatigue, like computer fatigue and sick building syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Treatment
by Gill Jacobs
Paperback (1998)

America Exhausted:
Breakthrough Treatments of Fatigue and
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
by Edward Conley
Paperback (1997)

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Disclaimer:  I am NOT a medical professional.
I am a CFS - EBV sufferer who is relaying some of his experiences and opinions.
None of the information on these pages is to be construed as medical advice.  Please see a doctor for such advice.
Due to the nature of my illness, I am unable to work for a regular employer in my former occupation as a journalist, and have started this Website, it's mirror sites and others, as an information resource and business. 
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