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Our choice of books on CFIDS

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Treatment
by Gill Jacobs
Paperback (1998)

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Definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a devastating chronic organic illness that affects the immune system, brain and central nervous system, causing wide spread pain and an overwhelming sense of being unwell. There is severe, disabling fatigue with exhaustion that may require bed rest for months and the disease can go on for years in a relapsing, viral-like pattern.

It shares many symptoms as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), and may include Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), Fibromyalgia (FMS), Environmental Illness and Neurasthenia. Neurasthenia, meaning "weakness," is the old name for CFS.  More definitions are here, as well as discussions on the Epstein Barr Virus & Herpesvirus.

Treatment - The management plan that I follow is here.  It discusses lifestyle changes necessary to reverse the symptoms of CFIDS.  If you have it, you can overcome the effects of CFIDS if you detox and come to terms with it.  Many sufferers linger with the disease for 10, 15 and more years.  In the majority of cases it seems that the long term stress and impact on the weak immune system can be overcome by a long term healthy approach to living.

Research - I am currently processing a pile of research papers on this website, particularly on the HHV herpesvirus and Epstein Barr HHV EBV4.

My own story - "I was in Papua New Guines in 1981 for herpes simplex II and caught Glandular Fever, or the Epstein-Barr Virus in 1986. 
I did not listen to my body telling me to slow down, and after continuing with my hectic media career, including two Olympics, the periods of intense fatigue gradually got worse. 
After ten years I began to suffer badly from fatigue and finally began to slow down, but still did not understand the nature of the disease, and worked and played hard.
Fifteen years later and the ultimate crunch came following a period of sustained emotional stress.
CRASH - one year with the main symptom being total incapacitation, asleep for 12 or 14 hours, then up with mental fog and other symptoms before crashing out again a few hours later.
Three years later the recovery has been long slow and painful. I am housebound, being incapable of work or normal social activity.
Memory loss and other symptoms particularly muscle fatigue - living under strict diet and regime of stretching and therapy - has been overwhelming but I have improved recently.
I now realise that I will have this for a long time - perhaps the rest of my life - but, like asthma or diabetes, it is manageable.

  Marcus Webb


Highly Recommended

This book was the most helpful and accurate

70-75% of what we put into our mouths needs to be alkaline or alkalising ...


We are seeking to raise US$100 to purchase statistical survey software.  It is our intention to conduct a large online survey to provide sufferers and medical researchers with a clearer understanding of this disease.  Can YOU help?

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I am a CFS - EBV sufferer who is relaying some of his experiences and opinions.
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Due to the nature of my illness, I am unable to work for a regular employer in my former occupation as a journalist, and have started this Website, it's mirror sites and others, as an information resource and business. 
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