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Beaches LETS ~ The Extraordinary Solution to Ordinary Money.

 HOW DOES LETS WORK?  |  Beaches L.E.T.S. mission
Frequently Asked Questions about LETSystems


Ř Simply a sharing, trading, exchange & information system.

Ř Participants can use LETS Newsletters/Directories to notify their offers of skills, goods or services available to share with other participants.

Ř Documents are regularly updated & circulated by way of a monthly Newsletter & Quarterly Skills Directory.

Ř Each participant opens an 'Record of Activity’ & uses the system to share with the other participants when acceptable.  Participants are free to use Shells in any way that supports sharing.

Ř The procedures are identical to using a bank account, except that the 'record of activity' can be in debit or credit.  No interest is charged or paid on outstanding balances.

Ř Participants receive a copy of their ’record of activity’ one/two monthly.

Beaches LETS
PO Box 885 Buderim Qld 4556
  07 54765242 messages

Beaches LETS is a participant of QLETS Inc.

'Trader' Membership in Beaches LETS is free to community non-profit organisations. (conditions apply)
If your group is interested we can send you an application form.

Happy LETS Sharing :-)

>How long has Beaches LETS been going? 6 years

>How many members? 105

>Beaches LETS uses shells doesn't it? yes

Frequently Asked Questions about LETSystems


LETS Spring Market
Buy & Sell goods for LETS units
25th September 9am - 11.30am
Socialize! Network! 
FREE admission
Tea/Coffee 50 cents a cup;
Slice of Cake 1 Shells or 2 shells a slice
Having a stall? Arrive early 8.30am to get a table or bring your own if going to be late arrival.
$2 donation towards cost of hiring hall other than that it is free admission

Reminder: bring your ID card.
LETS members only

Kathryn Beaches LETS
PO Box 885 Buderim Qld 4556
 07 54765242 messages

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Beaches L.E.T.S. mission:

To improve participants quality of life by providing, managing, and promoting an alternative trading system and to facilitate a mechanism to encourage trading.

Beaches LETS is modelled on similar systems all over Australia.

LETS is a non-profit community exchange/trading system for sharing skills and services.

LETS is based on the idea that all people have valuable skills and services to share with their community, whether they are under-employed, self employed, elderly,currently unemployed, or retired.

LETS creates employment. A participant is able to get those neglected jobs done, help other participants in need, and make use of the communities true wealth - the skills and services of the people, without the use of money.

So how do I participate? Fees?

To participate in LETS, you will need to apply in writing (see back page of brochure) and send the fee for one years registration. 

The fee is: Single/family $20.00
Community Non-profit organization Free (conditions apply)

Current member of a LETSystem $10.00 or ex member of a LETSystem $10.00 (we may be able to transfer any credits left in your account)

Joining Fee 10 Shells

Admin fees 40 Shells per annum (charged pro rata)

Participants are able to start trading immediately and may go into debit or credit. DEBIT LIMITS APPLY.

Renewal Fees Next Year $10 - $15



Mary is a computer operator & she wants a participant to mow her lawn..
George will mow her lawn. Mary gives him a LETS transfer slip which he mails to the PO Box to update his LETS ‘Record of Activity‘.

George wants a haircut. Jill cuts his hair. She wants gardening, which she gets from John, who needs house cleaning. This is how everyone can share their skills & help others.

Beaches LETS uses the term "SHELLS" to describe their units/points. Each participant can help others & receive (Shells) to use in sharing with other participants.

A debit in (Shells) is simply an acknowledgment that the participant has received goods & services from another participant & has made a commitment to return goods &/or services to the same value to other participants.

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